B. Nektar Core Crusher Cider 12
Ferndale, MI

Miller High Life Adjunct Lager 4
Milwaukee, WI

Von Pilsner Kellerbier 6
Denver, CO

Low Life Pilsner 7.5
Stratford, CT

Pompeii American Pale Ale 8.50
Decorah, IA

60 Minute IPA American Pale Ale 8
Milton, DE

Special Saison No. 3 Dark Saison Ale 750 ML 33
Confluence Brewing Co., Des Moines, IA

Cellar Door Wheat Ale with Sage 7
Stradtford, CT

Old Chub Scotch Ale 6.50
Lyons, CO

Thomas Beck Black IPA 8
Des Moines, IA

Billy’s Reef Black Lager 4
Clear Lake, IA

Double Mocha Affogato Nitro Milk Stout 11
Baltimore, MD

A Round on the House Milk Stout w/Cocoa Nibs 11
Bay Shore, NY

Coffee Baltic Porter Aged Baltic Porter 8
Denver, CO