Mix and match, its your world!

one $5.50 | three $16.50 | six $26

For the Table

Crackers | house made with cracked pepper 2

Panelle | house made chickpea crackers (gf) 3

Table Bread | 2

Pickle Jars | rotating pickled vegetables  2

Conserva | rotating sweet accompaniment for cheese & charcuterie  2


Rulo de Cabra p | goat
buttery, creamy texture, acidic and sweet bloomed rind,

Valdeon Blue p | cow & goat
creamy, grainy texture, punchy, spicy, grassy & tangy blue

Zamorano r | sheep
crumbly, buttery, nutty, burnt caramel

Monte Enebro p | goat
chalky, dense, ripened bloomed rind acidic, lemony, pungent flavor

Mahon r | cow
semi-firm, dense, rubbed with butter & paprika

Garrotxa p | goat
firm & flaky, nutty, earthy taste


Prosciutto Americano w | pork
A favorite across the country, made here in Iowa

Bresaola  w | beef
herby, deep red wine & juniper notes

Salchichon de Vic s | pork
mild sausage with black peppercorn

‘Nduja Americana s | pork
spreadable pate-like texture, cured 9-12 months

Pamplona s | pork
chorizo-style, strong smoked paprika flavor

Charcuterie of the Moment
fresh house-made sausages, ask your server for this evening’s offering