Many dishes include ingredients not listed on the menu. Please let us know if you have allergies or food sensitivities so we can best accommodate you.

Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

3 for $16 | 6 for $26


Delice des Cremiers p | cow
a rich, buttery and soft triple-creme cheese with a tang on the finish provided by the bloomy rind
Delin Creamery, Burgundy, FR

Smokey Blue Cheese p | cow
a cakey yet smooth blue cheese cold-smoked over hazelnuts, resulting in candied-bacon characteristics
Rogue Creamery, Central Point, OR

Garrotxa p | goatsemi-firm with a long, smooth, finish with hints of nuts and herbsPell, FL

Prairie Breeze Cheddar p | cowslightly sweeter than a typical cheddar, punchy flavor with crunchy, savory calcium crystals formed during 9-month aging
Milton Creamery, Milton, IA


Prosciutto Americano w | porkcured 12-14 months, sweet nutty flavor with caramel tones; a favorite across the country made here in Iowa
La Quercia, Norwalk, IA

Bresaola w | beef
red wine marinated, dry-cured beef round. elegant and lean, seasoned with porcini mushrooms & black pepper. funky, deep flavor. northern italian stapleBrooklyn Cured, Brooklyn, NY

Mole Salami s | pork
garlic, chili, cinnamon and chocolate stout build the flavor of classic moleElevation Meats, Denver, CO

Fennel Pollen Salami s | porkpork salami studded with Italian fennel pollen and finished with red wineElevation Meats, Denver, CO


Crackers 2

Marinated Olives 4

Panelle Gluten-free Crackers 3

Marcona Almonds 6

Small Plates

Eggplant Croquettes 15
crab-tomato sauce, mint and shallot salad, sweet garlic purée

Chicken Wings 12
♠ chili lime vinaigrette, cilantro, Calabrian purée

Marinated Summer Vegetables 10
carrot broth, citrus salt, orange oil

Sous vide Watermelon 13
feta, mint, burnt honey, pistachio, green onion curls

Stone Fruit Salad  15
peaches, plums, pickled beet, golden raisins and currants, pistachio, watercress, ginger-peach purée 

Bone Marrow  19
♠ marinated chestnut mushrooms, chimichurri, crusty bread

If you like it, you should put an egg on it
add an egg to any dish $1

Large Plates

House-made Linguine 18
feathered garlic, chili and ginger shrimp sausage, lemon, parsley, cilantro cured egg yolk

Scallops 35
♠ charred avocado, marinated mushrooms, grapefruit, watercress

Duck Breast  32
♠ guajillo purée, pommes paillasson, hakurei turnip, pickled fennel

Beef Shoulder Tender 34
♠ beet cream, sous vide leeks and baby carrots, leek oil, balsamic reduction

Chile Verde Cauliflower 8 | 16
roasted eggplant purée, pickled shallot & coriander seeds, roasted corn powder

Tomato-braised Fennel 24
mint & sumac yogurt sauce, Ras al hanout almonds, pickled shallot, lemon peel

 Items marked with a ♠ are cooked to order.
♠ Consuming raw or undercooked meat, fish, or other proteins can increase the risk of contracting a food borne illness.

(Some with slight modification) Marinated Summer Vegetables, Chile Verde Cauliflower, Tomato Braised Fennel (without yogurt sauce), Coconut & Dark Chocolate Bar can all be enjoyed vegan

Gluten-free diners may enjoy (some with modification) Chicken Wings, Summer Vegetables, Sous Vide Watermelon, Stone Fruit Salad, Scallops, Shoulder Tender, Chile Verde Cauliflower, Tomato Braised Fennel, Duck Breast, Coconut & Dark Chocolate Bar, Poached Pear (without crumble)

Call and set up a Chef’s Submit tasting menu for a unique five or ten course dinner fitting your dietary needs