Many dishes include ingredients not listed on the menu. Please let us know if you have allergies or food sensitivities so we can best accommodate you.

Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

3 for $16 | 6 for $26


Delice des Cremiers p | cow
a rich, buttery and soft triple-creme cheese with a tang on the finish provided by the bloomy rind
Delin Creamery, Burgundy, FR

Smokey Blue Cheese p | cow
a cakey yet smooth blue cheese cold-smoked over hazelnuts, resulting in candied-bacon characteristics
Rogue Creamery, Central Point, OR

Garrotxa p | goatsemi-firm with a long, smooth, finish with hints of nuts and herbsPell, FL

Prairie Breeze Cheddar p | cowslightly sweeter than a typical cheddar, punchy flavor with crunchy, savory calcium crystals formed during 9-month aging
Milton Creamery, Milton, IA


Prosciutto Americano w | porkcured 12-14 months, sweet nutty flavor with caramel tones; a favorite across the country made here in Iowa
La Quercia, Norwalk, IA

Bresaola w | beef
red wine marinated, dry-cured beef round. elegant and lean, seasoned with porcini mushrooms & black pepper. funky, deep flavor. northern italian stapleBrooklyn Cured, Brooklyn, NY

Chorizo Cantimpalo c | pork
dry cured paprika sausage
Despaña Foods, New York, NY

Spicy Ham Roast  s | pork
sesame, fennel seed, smoke paprika & cayenne
Proof Restaurant, Des Moines, IA


Crackers 2

Marinated Olives 4

Panelle Gluten-free Crackers 3

Marcona Almonds 6

Small Plates

Poblano Polenta 15
curtidos, puffed grains, cilantro oil

Brûléed Yams  10
cranberries, ginger meringue

Potato Beignets  11
romesco, ricotta, grilled green onion, onion ash

Bone Marrow  22
♠ marinated chestnut mushrooms, chimichurri, crusty bread

Pork Belly  16
squash apple purée, pickled plum, plum jam, watermelon radish, granny smith apple

Steak Tartare  15
♠ hibiscus rice crisp, spicy mustard, shishito peppers, cured egg yolk

Birria Cappellacci 15
luobo & watermelon radish, cilantro

Savory Beet Mousse 11
brown butter hazelnut crumble, compressed baby carrot, blood orange gel, luobo radish

Large Plates

Halibut  37
♠ sunchoke, bouillabaisse, caper-apple emulsion

Duck Breast  35
♠ guajillo purée, pommes paillasson, hakurei turnip, pickled fennel

Iowa Premier Ribeye 37
♠ soubise, kohlrabi, Bee Grateful Mushrooms, spicy pine nut brittle

Quail 32
♠ red wine demi, braised cipollini onion, roasted baby carrot, pepita gremolata

Chile Verde Cauliflower 8 | 16
roasted eggplant purée, pickled shallot & coriander seeds, roasted corn powder

Delicata Squash 22
french onion couscous, celery root purée, chili-quince paste, pepita gremolata

If you like it, you should put an egg on it
add an egg to any dish $1

 Items marked with a ♠ are cooked to order.
♠ Consuming raw or undercooked meat, fish, or other proteins can increase the risk of contracting a food borne illness.

(Some with slight modification) Chile Verde Cauliflower, Delicata Squash, & the Winter Squash Dessert can all be enjoyed vegan

Gluten-free diners may enjoy (some with modification) Savory Beet Mousse, Brûléed Yams, Pork Cheek, Halibut, Quail, Chile Verde Cauliflower, Duck Breast, Winter Squash (without crumble)

Call and set up a Chef’s Tasting Menu for a unique five or ten course dinner fitting your dietary needs