Locally Sourced

La Quercia.jpg

La Quercia Norwalk, IA

La Quercia is a US company based in Iowa making high quality American artisan salumi or dry cured meats from humanely raised heritage breed meat, making Prosciutto, Speck, Pancetta, Bacon, Coppa, Lonza, & Lardo that are favorites of top chefs across the country.

Rooster Ridge Egg.jpg

Rooster Ridge Farm Story City, IA

Just a simple farm boy and his city wife, trying to get back to a slower pace of life....and tasty food of course.

Described by Beverage Director Jared Giunta as "the nice guy with a huge beard who brings us eggs."

Butcher Crick Tomato.jpg

Butcher Crick Farms Carlisle, IA

Proof Veteran "Tomato Lady" Jennie established Butcher Crick Farms in 2009, tending to 2,000 heirloom tomato plants, heirloom squash, cucumbers, and edible flowers on two acres of land.


Milton Creamery Milton, IA

Award-winning on an international level, Milton Creamery run by the Musser family out of Milton, IA mixes fresh ingredients, art and passion to create their award-winning cheeses using milk produced by traditional Amish dairy farmers, creating by hand several products including local favorite Prairie Breeze Cheddar.

Trinity Farms Ames, IA

Trinity Farms is a multiple species pastured based farm located just south of Nevada, Iowa, rotationally grazing sheep, goats, cattle, hogs, chickens, and turkeys on a perennial pasture. It is their goal to supply ethically raised, natural proteins in a way that betters the environment, community, and collective health. 


Dogpatch Urban Gardens Des Moines, IA

A small-scale market garden growing produce naturally with organic principles and sustainable methods, on ¼ acre of land, never using any form of synthetic chemicals on the plot including artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

Natural Oak Pork West Branch, IA

In 2014, West Branch’s Harold family bought eight Berkshire barrows, raised on a modified Iberian pork diet, locally sourced, and sent them to market. After all the animals had been sold, now 17-year-old Emily Harold took the business into her own hands, managing production, quality and marketing.

Wabi Sabi Farm Granger, IA

Wabi Sabi Farm’s mission is to grow tasty, nutritious, Certified Organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers available to all members of the community in the most environmentally, physically and economically sustainable way.