First course:

Eggplant Croquettes | crab-tomato sauce, mint and shallot salad, sweet garlic purée

Chicken Wings | chili lime vinaigrette, cilantro, Calabrian purée

Marinated Summer Vegetables | carrot broth, citrus salt, orange oil

Sous vide Watermelon | feta, mint, chèvre, burnt honey, pistachio, green onion curls

Second course:

House-made Linguine | feathered garlic, chili and ginger ground shrimp sausage, lemon, parsley, cilantro cured egg yolk

Scallops | charred avocado, marinated mushrooms, grapefruit, watercress

Shoulder Tender | beet cream, sous vide leeks and baby carrots, leek oil, balsamic reduction

Chile Verde Cauliflower | roasted eggplant purée, pickled shallot & coriander seeds, roasted corn powder

Tomato braised Fennel | mint & sumac yogurt sauce, Ras al hanout almonds, pickled shallot, lemon peel, grilled bread

Third Course:

Sweetcorn Ice Cream | maple bacon blondie, caramelized white chocolate, popped sorghum

Lavender Marshmallow | flourless white chocolate cake, graham cracker ice cream, graham cracker crumb

Poached Pear | vanilla poaching syrup, bay leaf ice cream, oat and cornmeal crumble, candied walnuts

Coconut & Dark Chocolate Bar | rum-pineapple conserva, passionfruit reduction, toasted coconuts & oats


Dietary Accommodations

Vegan Dishes:

First Course Marinated Summer Vegetables
Second Course Chile Verde Cauliflower, Tomato Braised Fennel (without yogurt sauce)
Third Course Coconut & Dark Chocolate Bar

Vegetarian Dishes:

First Course Marinated Summer Vegetables, Sous vide Watermelon
Second Course House-made Linguine (without sausage), Chile Verde Cauliflower, Tomato braised Fennel
Third Course Lavender Marshmallow, Poached Pear, Coconut & Dark Chocolate Bar

Gluten-Free Items:

First Course Chicken Wings, Summer Vegetables, Sous Vide Watermelon
Second Course Scallops, Shoulder Tender, Chile Verde Cauliflower, Tomato Braised Fennel
Third Course Coconut & Dark Chocolate Bar, Poached Pear (without crumble)